About Me


Saluti! And welcome,

As probably none of you will remember. I had a beginner blog many years ago, Mommypants, started off as way to connect with my family and friends back on the east coast. It was basically a photo journal to let the grandparents know that yes, we were alive and well in California

As my blog progressed and I learned more about blogging, I realized that the tutorials on the blogs were something I could easily also do, so I started plugging along and soon got introduced to the world of product reviews

Product Reviews

I love stuff, I love products and things and trying things and the new world blogging gave me a chance to reach out with my honest opinion on what products worked and what products didn’t.

Time slipped away

As my blog grew, I also separated from my daughter’s father and lost both my motivation and my time to continue with my blog, through many struggled attempts to get it going again, I had lost my passion and also my blog

I moved through jobs and life; working as a lawyer’s assistant, many waitressing jobs, some massage therapy, and quite a bit of makeup and eyelash extensions. The entire time, thinking how to make my blog work for both my life and the life of my kids. The truth is writing has always been my passion.


My blog in the past was more about being a housewife. Now three kids later and a relationship of a modern mom. I have three kids now.

Annabella; 9 years

Anthony; 19 months

Carmine; 6 months


To do it all, while remaining fashion forward, a 5 star Italian chef, skinny, and a “super mom” (more on why I hate that term in a future post to come) I admittedly overdo it, and I think most of us do. I swear and some days I let half of my house stay a mess; but I love the spa, I love a five star meal and I don’t skimp on those things just because I have kids.

I need that me time and I want to help you figure out how to find yours, without wasting a whole lot of time and effort trying to find whats best!

Like a regular mom… but cool

I still like to look amazing, but I don’t have the time so things like regular facials, lash extensions, botox and fillers are things that I experiment with and look forward to sharing with my readers. I plan to give you the honest truth about how it feels and where I go.

I’ve tried it all and if I haven’t, then just tell me what it is and how it will help and I’ll be googling the best place in my area I can find to give it a go!

I’m here to help…

I’m ready to blog about whats real in my life, what works and what doesn’t. What places are actually kid friendly and worth it to go to. I’ve figured out where the stroller fits into the public restroom and that the best hotels are actually found when typing “family friendly” into the search bar.

I’ve been sharing these tips with my family and friends for years now and I’m ready to share them with the world. I’m here to try all the crap you want to, tell you how to use it, and to tell you when to just not bother.

looking forward to getting to know all of you


Facts About Me:

  • competition roller skater as a kid
  • attended catholic school, and still attend church with my boys
  • was a lunatic of a teenager
  • aspired to be a chef when I grew up
  • strong love for anything Italian
  • my boys are 13 months apart making me a proud mom of Irish twins
  • was on tour following members of the Grateful Dead for almost 6 years of my life
  • slowly learning photography
  • I love botox and fillers, no shame here! Look for posts on my experiences soon to come
  • suffer from postpartum anxiety, sometimes its crippling
  • CBDs have changed my life
  • spends way too much time on the internet
  • addicted to subscription boxes! (again reviews to come)
  •  my son’s both had allergies to gluten as a baby.
  • my youngest is formula fed because I couldn’t give up gluten for breastfeeding, I FELT GUILTY because of it
  • certified makeup artist, my favorite makeup to do is anything creepy!
  • I’m concerned about raising good boys in today’s society
  • one of my hobbies is making sensory teething rattles and toys